CBT-therapy is also available in English.


In Cognitive Behavioural Therapy we focus on ”here and now”. Life as it is right now! Allthough it is important to recognize possible traumas, or causes in the past that contribute to present problems, the focus is now. That is, how can we improve your functioning in order to handle the difficulties that you may face today. The treatment is a collaboration between the client and therapist.

”Homework” is used in CBT, which are adjusted to your type of problems, as a link to every-day life. To rehearse and try out new desired behaviour. In between sessions. CBT-therapists  work with evidence-based methods, which have been tested scientifically to be effective in improving life-quality, and changing behaviour.After working through thoughts and behaviours that are undesirable.

CBT  is a treatment that is limited in time, in contrast to for example psycho-analysis.Because CBT is an active, ”here and now” –method that focuses on the problem/behavior you can achieve your goals  rather quickly.


  • Stressrelated issues.
  • Learning to manage Panic-attacks.
  • Anxiety-disorders ( Generalized Anxiety Disorder), worrying and dwelling over a lot.
  • Dependency and co-dependency ( drugs, gambling for example).  
  • Phobias ; persistent fear of an object or situation(social phobia, specific  phobias for example emetophobia, snake phobia, flight phobia, claustrophobia etc.).
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; behaviour or routines that serve the
    purpose of controlling disturbing thoughts etc).
  • Acceptance, and letting-go.  
  • If you feel low; depression.
  • Self-esteem issues.
  • Sleep- disorders.
  • Eating-disorders, weight-problems.    
  • Problem with relationships.
  • Difficulty to make desired changes in life, maybe you also feel ambivalent about change?


We meet for the first time, about an our and a half.  Then we will get to know each other and what you wish to get help with. If we decide to go on with treatment, we will first meet two til three times, 50 minute sessions, to understand and priotitize your problem as well as your goal. After that we proceed with treatment for about 10-15 sessions, in general.

After finished  treatment we usually meet again once, after one or two moths  for a follow up.

We are health care professionals and are bound by professional secrecy.

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